Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a dose of unadulterated child's piss

You'll remember, of course, the TravelJohn in-car piss-bag, and the Advanced Mission Extender Device in-plane piss-bag. Two very similar products; here's one with a slightly different purpose, but with a broadly similar theme (i.e. piss).

The Whizzinator is a fully-integrated artificial piss and prosthetic penis solution for the determined drug-abuser. It's ideal for the sportsman attempting to avoid mandatory testing while walking around with a blood supply positively frothing with illegal steroids. Also available are a couple of supplementary products: the Number 1 on-demand liquid urine delivery system, and the Yellow River dehydrated piss capsules.

Amusingly, in a spooky echo of the child's piss scene in Withnail & I (about four and a half minutes into this clip) a couple of celebs have genuinely been caught trying to use these things: American footballer Onterrio Smith and movie star Tom Sizemore. In a shocking display of sense of humour failure the makers of the device have now been convicted of conspiracy in a US court.

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