Wednesday, November 05, 2008

well done, everyone

My faith in America is at least partially restored, despite my deep (and, it turns out, thankfully, unfounded) suspicion and paranoia about the voters' ability and inclination, in the privacy of the voting booth, to put an X in the box of an uppity black man who had the audacity to be smarter than them (and, slightly more stereotypically, better at basketball too).

Particular highlights included the Democrats winning Florida in a rather sweet bit of revenge for the shameful debacle back in 2000, and also the defeat of Senator Elizabeth Dole by Kay Hagan in North Carolina in the wake of Dole's press campaign vilifying Hagan for associating with - whisper it - atheists. No word yet, as far as I can see, on comedian Al Franken's campaign for the Minnesota senator's job, but it looks like it could go either way.


TonyF said...

When you say well done "everyone" I am assuming that you excluding the woman who phoned in to the US TV station to say that they have already contacted the FBI because they don't thing he was born in the US or the guy who said Obama was a Muslim because his middle name is "Hussain".

electrichalibut said...

Yeah, apart from those people, obviously. And anyone who's currently calibrating the laser sights on a high-powered hunting rifle ready for inauguration day.