Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mynd blowing

Momentous events at the weekend as our good friends Doug and Anna got married in Shrewsbury. As I was on best man duty I didn't have any spare time to take pictures, so those will have to wait for a bit. In the meantime, Hazel and I decided to break up our journey back by staying over in Church Stretton (15 miles or so south of Shrewsbury).

Needless to say as it was a nice day on Monday I persuaded Hazel that we should go up on top of the Long Mynd, which we did, and very nice too. Some photos can be found here.

The Long Mynd, the nearby Stiperstones and various other local landmarks feature heavily in the books of Malcolm Saville, which I used to read obsessively when I was younger - similar I suppose to Arthur Ransome's more famous Swallows and Amazons series in that they feature a recurring cast of characters and are set in an instantly recognisable part of the country (the Lake District in Ransome's case). And yet I could never get into the Ransome books, while I thought the Savilles were brilliant.

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