Tuesday, August 05, 2008

distinctly average

Great catch by Dominic Lawson in today's Independent: Don Bradman would have been 99.94 years old today. I wonder if that's the most recognisable number in sport? I suppose the Americans might make a case for 714 or 755, though those records have both since been surpassed now; I'd bet pretty much everything I own that Bradman's record will never be approached, let alone surpassed, by anyone.

The article makes reference to the notorious Bodyline series and the theory that Bradman was afraid of fast short-pitched bowling. Whatever the truth of this, it's worth pointing out that Bradman still topped the Australian batting averages for the series, his 56.57 being nearly 14 runs more than the next man, Stan McCabe. According to Wikipedia McCabe died after falling from a cliff near his home after attempting to dispose of a dead possum, which sounds a bit careless.

Quick follow-up to my previous post - I was half-right about Virender Sehwag's record-setting innings: India's 329 is the lowest completed innings to include a double-century, but the previous record was 344 (including 202 not out from Len Hutton) by England in 1950.

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