Wednesday, May 28, 2008


You may remember my pointing out some of the truly alarming frothing arsewittery displayed on the BBC's Have Your Say forums following the death of pig-ignorant corpulent xenophobe Bernard Manning last year.

It really is all too easy to mine some comedy gold out of the slack-jawed goons who parade their ignorance on these forums; just to prove the point here's a couple of gems from this recent debate on "boot camps" for unemployed youths:

At last this is what we need. I am sick to death of funding these lazy, bone idle parasites. Next death penalty to all knife carrying thugs!! Conservatives you have sealed my vote

martin jones, london


Richard Buxton, Reading, United Kingdom

I think we can consider the world now put firmly to rights. There's some good stuff in the thread about recently-deceased film director Sydney Pollack as well:

Unlike birth, death creates huge curiosity as it occurs. In a nursery of plants, if one sapling withers, the gardener leaves the rest and probes the cause of the one dead. He feels lost in the benefit that would have been if the sapling were not dead. That is why governments seek protection to its people from even the authorities abroad. This is the basic tenet of the cost and worth of life.

Depth Sentence, India

Well, quite. You don't want to be trawling through all the bland duck-billed platitudes to find the loonies though, you want someone else to do it for you. And that's what spEak You’re bRanes is here for. Here's a couple of crackers from the recent debate about human-animal hybrid embryo research, for instance. I've stuck a permanent blog link in the sidebar too, as it's well worth regular visits.

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