Friday, March 07, 2008

stats amazing

Cricket is an absolute goldmine for the sort of statistical geekery displayed in my previous post, so here's a couple more related things which you will either find a) fascinating or b) tedious, largely depending on whether you're me or not.

Mentioning Stephen Fleming and Virender Sehwag in the same post reminds me that they are two of the select group of (by my calculations) nine men who have scored more than 250 runs in a Test innings on more than one occasion. And those men are, in no particular order: Fleming, Sehwag, Sanath Jayasuriya, Don Bradman, Walter Hammond, Javed Miandad, Kumar Sangakkara, Graeme Smith and Brian Lara. Bradman (five times) and Javed and Lara (three each) are the only men to do it more than twice. Smith is unique in doing it in consecutive matches, against England in 2003.

Sehwag holds another record as well, in that his passing 150 at Adelaide against Australia means that the last nine times he's made a hundred, he's gone on to exceed 150. Not even Bradman can top that.

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