Friday, March 07, 2008

mmmmm.....anis kockens

I should point out that I haven't just randomly happened upon a picture of Cock Soup on the internet or something like that; I actually scanned in the pictures from a packet which I have in my possession, thanks to Doug. Thanks to Doug I also have a bottle of the slightly amusingly named Noilly Prat vermouth. Not something I would choose to drink, but it is actually quite a handy thing for putting in white sauces for things like fish and chicken, like this.

Noilly Prat features on this comprehensive list of amusing brand names (generally food & drink), conveniently arranged alphabetically so you can start at Aass and go from there. I think the one pictured here is probably my favourite, though. Two they don't have which (unlike most of the products listed) are readily available in the UK, and have always struck me as a bit unfortunate, are Onken yoghurt and Haribo sweets.

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