Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'll link to that!

Fired with enthusiasm I've added a couple more: Cecil Adams' excellent The Straight Dope, and Barbara and David Mikkelson's exhaustingly, erm, exhaustive urban-legend-debunking pages at Snopes. Sample pages: an article about the origin of the question mark (the inverted interrogative at the start of sentences in Spanish only became "official" linguistic practice in 1754. FACT.), and some fun stuff about dead Popes, though I can't find anything on Snopes debunking the nonsense about medieval Popes having to sit on a special chair to have their testicles checked, which was trotted out as fact recently by no less an authority than Gyles Brandreth on QI, with no intervention from Stephen Fry. Shame on him.

Here at Electric Halibut we're very much pro-facts and anti-fantasy. With the exception of that particular sub-genre of fantasy involving Scarlett Johansson and a bath full of Swarfega.

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