Tuesday, November 06, 2007

formerly known as the Johnny Cyclops bomb

Following my as-yet-unsuccessful attempt to secure the release of the classic Channel 4 sketch comedy series Absolutely on DVD, I hereby submit another classic lost comedy series for your consideration: Whoops Apocalypse. Not the slightly ropey 1986 film, but the brilliant 6-part ITV series from 1982. Never even been repeated, to my knowledge. Criminal. And you can probably buy box sets of Hi-De-Hi, I shouldn't wonder.

Oddly enough there is supposedly a complete compilation DVD (called The Complete Apocalypse) of all the TV episodes and the film - all the internet sources I can find say it was due for release on May 21st 2007, but no-one seems to have it. Amazon have it listed, but unavailable. Anyone know what's going on?

Incidentally the Spanish video release carried the title ¿Holocausto nuclear? ¡Lo que nos faltaba! which Google auto-translates as Is Nuclear Holocaust? What we are missing! I think perhaps something has been lost in the translation....


alexi said...

Probably not news for you but just in case anyone else is interested - the dvd set was released in march 2010 so should be available via amazon :D

electrichalibut said...

Indeed it is, and I have my copy already. And very good it is too; well, the TV series anyway. I have to say I haven't got round to the film yet.