Monday, July 23, 2007

weekend fun

I'm lucky enough to have a very understanding and accommodating girlfriend. And I don't just mean the weird sexual stuff. An example for you: when the drizzly rainclouds settled over South Wales on Saturday like a blanket of rancid porridge, most people would have viewed my suggestion that we should probably go outside and climb some mountains with about as much delight as a bucket of tepid sick.

But, instead, she actually seemed to be (or at least gave a convincing act of being) quite keen, so off we went. To here, approximately, i.e. the red circle doesn't quite mark the place where we left the car, as it's halfway up a hill - it was actually in the car park marked just to the right of the circle. Then we walked up onto the ridge (following the pink diamond-marked path on the map, broadly) which bends around to the west towards Pen Y Fan, got all optimistic as the cloud seemed to be clearing a bit, got as far as the crossroads of paths below the ascent onto Cribyn (pictured, in somewhat better weather), realised the weather was getting worse and decided we probably ought to head down out of the clouds before we fell off the ridge, and descended via the path by the reservoir (top left on the map page above - hit the up arrow to see the rest, or click here).

Shame not to make it all the way round the Pen Y Fan ridge (which had been our original intention), but it did mean we were back in Cardiff early enough for a couple of pints of Brains SA for me and an SA Gold for Hazel in The Albany. So not all bad news then.

Walk photos can be seen here.

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