Friday, July 27, 2007

random news articles

Inspired by Andy's cutting-edge research into all that's new in the world of poo, I humbly and respectfully submit this as the best news headline I've seen recently: Nude man has anal screwdriver.

And just in case you were starting to get a warm, fuzzy, cuddly, one big happy family kind of feeling about the human race, take a look at this, and the comments section in particular. I know it's a bit of a stretch to include those who read The Daily Express under the banner "the human race", but stay with me. The last comment (first chronologically) is the best, instantly rendering further comment pointless. It's so perfect you almost assume it has to be taking the piss. Er, and then you remember it's The Daily Express. They even manage to work a Princess Di reference in there as well. Genius.

Finally, did you know that Dick Cheney was President of The United States for a brief period earlier this week? Well, it's true - George W Bush was anaesthetised for a routine colonoscopy involving the removal of some polyps, and during that time the Veep assumed the powers of POTUS, to coin a couple of amusing colloquialisms. I seem to remember catching a whiff of brimstone, hearing the theme from The Omen in the air, seeing a baboon give birth to a badger - the little things that tell you something, somewhere, is Very Very Wrong. Others seem to have sensed the same thing. This Daily Show clip seems to have been removed from YouTube (do we detect the scaly taloned hand of Cheney at work again?), but the truth is still out there, if you know where to look.

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