Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tihs for ew, oh satahw

Today's subject of interest: names of people or places that look and sound as if they've been written down backwards by accident.
  • Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan - surely that should be Nag O'Drepiy Yatpecer?
  • Remote atoll and US nuclear testing site Eniwetok - surely Kotewine? Maybe the blast knocked the name the wrong way round. Yes, that must be it.
  • BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob - Private Eye have been calling him "Botney" for years.
  • Peruvian vocalist Yma Sumac - there was a persistent rumour that she was actually an American called Amy Camus, apparently not true.
  • Legendary Czech athlete Emil Zatopek - but he was always Lime Kepotaz to his real friends.
Any more?


The Black Rabbit said...

Its taken some time, but the best I can dredge up is Emilio Pucci, the (famous?) Italian designer, who quite obviously is really called Iccup Oil Lime.

electrichalibut said...

And Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert aka Tremlo Du He.

Anonymous said...

I have my suspicions about renegade Lib Dem MP and Cheeky chick chopping chappy Lembit Opik. Or, should that be Kipo Tibmel?

Actually, that makes him sound more like an Isreali cabaret artiste.