Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eek! whine.....

Once again my strange trombone-like powers enable me to influence the course of human history by the power of my mind.

No sooner do I put up a post about exotic meat products, including horse and foie gras, than Gordon Ramsay's F-Word do a whole bit about Janet Street-Porter hanging around outside Cheltenham Racecourse barbecuing horsemeat and offering it to passers-by. High in protein, low in fat, chock full of omega-3 type stuff, tastes a bit like beef, what's not to like? Well.....apparently, eating horsemeat is really bad, or so the people at PETA would have you believe - at least I assume that was the point of yesterday's manure-dumping stunt. Eating cows, sheep, pigs, etc. is apparently OK, or at least OK enough for them not to make a fuss about, but start carving delicious lumps off old Dobbin and you've crossed the line, it would seem. Honestly. If these people ate a few more burgers, perhaps they'd be able to think straight. There is a certain woolly-headedness about the anti-foie-gras arguments, as well. Which isn't to say I'm convinced it isn't a bit cruel, just that I'm not convinced that giving geese liver disease before killing them is significantly more cruel than just killing them. They end up dead either way, after all.

I do think there are a few things we could be eating more of - how about squirrels, for a start? Not much meat on a grey squirrel, but there are plenty of them. I expect it's probably a bit like rabbit. Maybe it could be branded as "tree rabbit" to bring the punters round. And I seem to remember reading that there was a campaign afoot to start trapping muntjac deer, which are considered a pest in some parts of England, and selling the meat. I expect it's quite nice - I'd certainly give it a go. Garnished with some horse jerky and foie gras. And washed down with the blood of an animal rights activist. Oops. Have I gone too far?

Oh, and goats. We should eat more goats. Especially these goats. I mean, they'd be easy to catch, after all. I might give the Vibrating Bum-Faced Goats a miss, though.


The Black Rabbit said...

That fainting goat video is brilliant.
At EXACTLY 50 seconds through the video, I covered my vdu in coffee, forced not only out of my gob and nose, but through my eyeballs also, such was the pressure...

Yeah. Give me Muntjac any day. They just stand on the road in these 'ere parr's, bleedin askin' for it.
I reckon it would taste ok n all.
Not up for squirl though. Same as rats. Nice thought calling them 'tree rabbits', but 'tree rats' they are.

electrichalibut said...

Interesting to discover that "roof rabbit" and "roof hare" are euphemistic terms for cat meat.

Interesting also, in a slightly queasy way, to note the following genuine recipe from Kazakhstan: smoked horse rectum. Nice.