Friday, February 02, 2007

read this post like your face is on fire

And the Meaningless Supposedly Motivational Psychobabble Of The Day Award goes to:

Rafe Esquith's Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire. Yes folks, Rafe Esquith dispenses his folksy downhome unpretentious wisdom on how to inspire kids with a love of the great joys of learning and knowledge (and getting a Chinese burn off Psycho Watkins round the back of the science block).

The brief excerpt available here gives a flavour of the book - all you really need though is the immortal sentence:

From that moment, I resolved to always teach like my hair was on

If you didn't know otherwise you'd almost think this was some sort of elaborately conceived satire on the whole motivational book industry (is that split infinitive in the sentence I just quoted deliberate)?

If you liked this book then a) get some therapy, and b) why not try these:

Play Snooker Like Your Arse Is On Fire

Do Your Tax Return Like Your Arm Is Being Chewed Off By A Crocodile

Stack Shelves At Asda Like You've Got Inoperable Cataracts

and finally:

I Wouldn't Piss In Rafe Esquith's Mouth If His Teeth Were On Fire

What Sort Of A Name Is "Rafe Esquith" Anyway?

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everlands said...

What a flame-haired tosspot.