Tuesday, July 21, 2015

nation shall say cunt unto nation

It seems like BBC presenters are queuing up to bombard viewers with a fusillade of c-bombs at the moment. Hot on the heels of John Inverdale in March and Norman Smith in May, here's BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull dropping it into the middle of a seemingly innocuous piece of autocue-reading.

It's not as immediately obvious as for some of the others (the Norman Smith post attempts some categorisation) what the source of Turnbull's cuntfusion was here, but his own subsequent tweet sheds some light on it:
So it falls into the same category as the Inverdale incident, a fatal confusion between two words resulting in the start of one and the end of the other being spliced together, with unfortunate results.

A couple of further honourable additions to the list via the excellent Radiofail:
  • Jeremy Vine on Radio 2. This one's just a bog-standard mis-rendering of "hunt", but worthy of mention as it includes the phrase "so they can be eliminated in the cunt", which sounds most unpleasant;
  • Lynn Bowles mispronouncing "county";
  • another one for the bulging Jeremy Hunt files.

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