Thursday, July 02, 2015

incidental music spot of the day

Yet another appearance for Led Zeppelin's Good Times Bad Times, this time at the start of a montage of trickery in Dynamo: Magician Impossible on one of the Freeview channels.

I've got a bit of a problem with magicians, if I'm honest, and it's this: I don't actually believe in magic. Shocking, I know, but there it is. Consequently, however amazing and astounding and seemingly impossible the illusion is, I'm aware that it's an illusion and there is a reality-based explanation for it. So my reaction on seeing a really impressive piece of magic is: wow, that's amazing. Now show me how you do it. While Penn & Teller (despite Penn being a bit of an arsehole in real life) are good for revealing that sort of stuff, and this sort of show occasionally pops up on those same Freeview channels, generally magicians balk at revealing their secrets, which is a shame. I like to think I'd find the whole thing more satisfying if I got the astounding effect followed by the detailed explanation, which in my experience is usually more mundane than you might think.

Secondly, REM's Strange Currencies (from their 1993 album Monster) over the trailer to the upcoming movie The End Of The Tour. The movie is a dramatisation of some events from the promotional book tour for David Foster Wallace's 1996 novel Infinite Jest. Not exactly the most obviously appealing subject for a Hollywood movie, featuring as it does the author of a legendarily long and forbidding novel which many people start but fail to get through and who suffered from crippling lifelong depression which eventually caused him to kill himself; I should imagine the laugh count is fairly low. On the other hand, Jason Segel does seem to be doing a pretty good Wallace impression: the phenomenal articulacy, the occasional wincing at his own perceived pretentiousness or inability to perfectly express what's in his head, the bizarre headscarf-wearing tendencies. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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