Thursday, September 18, 2014

bulbous developments #5

You'll be moist with suppressed anticipation at the state of the kitchen light bulbs, given that the last update was back in mid-June, and there had been lots of bulb-exploding action in the previous month or so. Well, as strange as it might seem, there haven't been any bulbs expiring since then, so it's not like I've been holding out on you, it's just that nothing much has been happening.

Up until yesterday, anyway. The uneasy truce that's been in place for three months or so bit the dust yesterday when bulb number 9 died. This was the last of the original surviving 40W incandescent bulbs, so, again, no pence per day calculation, but what can be said is that it lasted at least 142 days, at a pence per day rate of at most about 0.01 pence.

If it helps, here's a little animated GIF of the gradual darkening of the kitchen lights over the last five months or so. Note that as I've documented I have replaced a few of the bulbs, so we're not actually down to two bulbs. There are in fact five in there at the moment, but it is getting a bit dark in some corners so it may be time to do the rounds and replace some.

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