Wednesday, March 31, 2010

apocalypse now

It's hard, shiny, about nine inches long, and I've got it in my hand right now. No (good guess though), it's the DVD of The Complete Apocalypse, containing the 1982 ITV series and the 1986 film, as well as some extras including, rather intimidatingly, an in-depth analysis of the series in the form of a 150-page PDF document; I can't promise I'm going to get round to reading that any time soon, or at all. It's pleasing to find out that it does actually exist in DVD format, after the slightly frustrating trailing and subsequent non-appearance back in 2007.

That brings to three the number of previously unavailable classic TV comedy series I've influenced the DVD re-release of simply by sitting here and thinking about it quite hard (Absolutely and Tutti Frutti being the other two). What shall I think about next? Perhaps 1982's Richard Briers and Hannah Gordon vehicle Goodbye Mr. Kent, just to see if it's really as rivetingly creepy and awful as I remember it.

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