Wednesday, February 11, 2009

feel the reciprocal link love

I am simultaneously humbled and slightly smug to be included in the (lengthy) list of supportive blogs rallying round Bad Science after the lastest legal furore. Other amusing blog-related news: Jeni Barnett's blog seems to have mysteriously "lost" a couple of posts - by a curious coincidence the two posts relating to the LBC MMR broadcast, each of which had attracted a storm of commenters like flies to a particularly pungent dog's egg. Luckily a kind soul had archived the whole discussion for posterity; again, not to get too misty-eyed about it, this is the internet as a force for honesty, auditability and transparency, and also for people who fail to understand how it works being caught out in a satisfyingly lulzy manner.

Here's a word of the day for you - any of the following variations:
It just means, for want of a better phrase, "conventional medicine" and those who practise it. These are what you might call "dog-whistle" words - hear them used in conversation and you immediately know the person using them is an adherent of either homeopathy (the term was coined by Samuel Hahnemann), acupuncture, naturopathy, holistic astrological chakra realignment or any other of the myriad nonsense grouped under the CAM umbrella. Needless to say it's a word that crops up repeatedly in the numerous Jeni Barnett threads linked above. It's a bit like "Darwinism" instead of "acceptance of the theory of evolution" - the only people that use the word are creationist nutjobs (follow the link, for instance).

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