Monday, December 22, 2008

party on, Garth

For various reasons I didn't get my usual quota of running about racket sport exercise behaviour last week, so I was feeling a bit pent up by the weekend. So we decided to go for a quick walk on the way to visit some friends over in Cardiff.

I had a quick peruse of the map and decided that we should go and have a look at Garth Hill, up north of Cardiff, near Taff's Well and Tongwynlais. It was marked with the OS symbol for a triangulation point, and you know how I have a bit of a thing for those.

It turns out Garth Hill is on the list of Welsh county high points - it's deemed to be the highest point in the unitary authority of Cardiff, at a not hugely impressive 307 metres (1007 feet). So that's one more, slightly inadvertently, for the list.

Anyway, it pissed it down, so we didn't hang about. We were up and down and back to the car within an hour or so, at which point we adjourned to the Lewis Arms in Tongwynlais for a warming pint of Brains SA and a packet of chilli McCoys. A handful of photos can be found here.

One supplementary factoid for you - we turned off the M4 at junction 32, the roundabout at which is reputed to be the largest in the UK, if not the world, although this seems unlikely. It's big, anyway.

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