Tuesday, December 23, 2008

oh well, I've had a good innings: part II

I was watching a re-run of a relatively recent episode of Top Gear on channel Dave the other day, and they had the usual Hoon It Round The Track In A Rubbish Oriental Saloon Car While Swearing Uncontrollably segment (except they call it Star In A Reasonably Priced Car), featuring, on this occasion, lady newsreaders Kate Silverton and Fiona Bruce. Kate on her own would probably have been enough, as she has that saucy bespectacled head girl and captain of the hockey team (and instigator of all manner of jocular high jinks in the showers afterwards, or so I like to imagine) thing going on, but the two of them sitting together and occasionally doing a bit of girly mutual hand-clasping as they watched the track footage was enough to send me to The Bad Place just for a few moments. So, straight to hell, then. Again.

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