Friday, October 10, 2008

incidental music spot of the day

Queens Of The Stone Age's thunderous You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire in a trailer for the Vin Diesel action flick xXx which seems to be coming up on Dave in the near future, despite being by all accounts a pretty terrible film (although it does feature Asia Argento, who is well fit innit).

The song is available as the opening track on QoTSA's album Songs For The Deaf, as well as the xXx soundtrack. It features a couple of classic rock tricks: the quiet intro that makes you think your stereo volume needs turning up, only for the song to kick in properly as you do so and claw your face off, and the couple of false endings where the song stops dead for a beat or two and then roars back in and sucks your lungs out through your ears. Plus some top quality screaming from bassist Nick Oliveri.

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