Tuesday, September 30, 2008

o hai

We seem to have a bit of a cat infestation in the garden of late. Not that I object or anything; I like cats. There are a couple of them, both with very similar colouring, sort of tortoiseshell and white. One of which appears to be of the usual skittish cat interloper variety, i.e. he's off under the fence as soon as you look at him. The other one, however, has the slightly unnerving feline habit of just staring back at you unblinkingly as if gazing into the very depths of your soul (and being, on the whole, fairly unimpressed).

Tempting though it is to attach some amusing lolcat text to the pictures, I've resisted - you can, after all, get your fill and more of that sort of thing here. I'm unable to resist a Futurama link, though. All hail to the Hypnocat!

[Footnote: after a more detailed reading of the Wikipedia article linked above it appears that cats with any sort of tortoiseshell colouring are invariably female, for various interesting genetic reasons. Also, cats with the specific colour distribution pictured above are called "calico cats" in the USA. Not in South Wales, though.]

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