Tuesday, September 09, 2008

mmmmmm......quantum spaghetti

I know it's not all that important in the grand cosmic scheme of things, not with the world being about to end tomorrow and everything when they switch the Large Hadron Collider on, but can I just point out that the Daily Telegraph have totally nicked my jokes about obscenity filters and search-and-replace algorithms from a couple of months back in this article from last week? At least I had the good manners to reference the original Daily WTF article I'd nicked it from in the first place.

Maybe this is all just evidence of some weird relativistic effects going on and reaching back in time from the moment, sometime tomorrow, when the universe collapses in on itself like water going down a plughole and we all get turned (painfully I should imagine) into spaghetti. Maybe the Telegraph article actually pre-dates mine, and it's only by reading it that I've fixed it in time in some crazy quantum way. And what's that dead cat doing in here?

There's certainly something weird going on - one of the senior CERN physicists, Brian Cox (no, not that one) apparently used to be the keyboard player for mid-90s synth-pop band D:Ream. That can't be right, surely? Next week (not that there will be a next week): Elton John sequences the human genome.


The Black Rabbit said...

Thought I'd drop by your blerg, as I've bin a bit errr.... busy recently by the way.

Yeah yeah, books, books and books (and spaghetti).

What I was hoping to read was a bit more on the WELSH ending of the world (big bang experiment tomorrow).
Also what about your new bestest fiend, Miss Alaska 2008, the creationist, vehement denier of anthropogenically-accelerated Global Warming and soon to be the most powerful person on da planet.
McCain is already walking the high narrow pass between normal old-age and senility in a home - he'll not last long.
Nothing to say on her?

Is it.
Youz get me?
Caphiche muchacho?


electrichalibut said...

Yeah, I've been a bit remiss on the US election front, but I've got a few thoughts lined up to go when I get a free few minutes. And I have been on holiday, to be fair.