Monday, February 25, 2008

ah, Mr. Quentin O'Sellers, I've been expecting you

Much fanfare and excitement as the title of the new James Bond film (the 22nd in the official series, no less) is revealed. And it's......erm.....Quantum Of Solace. O-kayyyyyyy.....

There's always the possibility that the producers are tweaking our collective nipple, gently yet insistently, and that it's actually going to be called Buckets Of Blood Pouring Out Of People's Heads or No That's Not a Walther PPK In My Pocket, It Actually IS My Cock, Miss Moneypenny, or something more sensible like that. Given the trouble the American audiences had with Licence To Kill (originally called Licence Revoked) you'd think they'd want to stick to words of one syllable or less. Though it must be said the main problem with Licence To Kill wasn't the title, more that it was utter rubbish.

Some good suggestions as to rhymes for "solace" for the theme tune on the Guardian arts blog. And the notion of just singing the title to the tune of Guantanamera is pure genius.

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