Thursday, October 11, 2007

that golf scorecard in full

Full details of the 2007 Swanage Pitch & Putt While Slightly Hungover And Supping From A Can Of Wife-Beater Open are below (click on the image for a bigger version):

And yes, I know I put the overall totals in the "Total Out" boxes. For comparison purposes last year's scorecard is below. Note that a) the scores and result are exactly the reverse of this year - the pupil has become the master! and also that b) Andy's commentary on Richard's 2nd hole birdie was prompted by Richard hammering a putt from off the green into the flagstick at approximately Mach 3 and seeing it drop like a stone into the hole. That's golf, folks.


Andy said...

"the pupil has become the master!"

Only a master of evil, Dave!

electrichalibut said...

Well, you should know after sharing a tent with me after 10 pints of heavy and some barbecued lamb kebabs. There was something pretty evil in there with us by the morning.

The Black Rabbit said...

a 112yd par 4?
an 84 yd par 4!

Carnoustie eh?!

Come back when you can play a PROPARR par 3 course in 57 strokes sweetcheeks.

electrichalibut said...

With the amount of black pudding and Stella we'd had for breakfast sloshing around it's a miracle we were able to get round at all.

Oddly enough if the holes had been longer I might have scored a bit better; I hate 50-yard holes. That "112-yard" hole was about 65 yards, so even less of a par-4 than you might imagine.