Friday, October 05, 2007

gentlemen, start your livers

It's nearly time for the yearly trip to Swanage for a weekend of drinking, pitch-and-putt golf and eating semi-cooked meat products (and hopefully some cheese racing). In fact if Andy's on time we should be off in about half an hour (but he probably won't be).

I'll post a more detailed run-down of the weekend's events after I get back, complete with photos and an itinerary of the legendary Swanage Pub Crawl which we'll be doing on Saturday afternoon. One of the reasons for taking the camera is that no-one can ever quite remember, after the event, what the pubs are called or what order they're in (for reasons which I assume are obvious), so the plan is to document things photographically this year so that we, and future generations, will know. Some photos from last year can be found here - the one on the right is the four of us (l-r: Richard, Andy, Robin, me) in the Purbeck, home of fine Fuller's London Pride and test tubes of Jagermeister (I think that's what we're holding in the picture). No, I know, but it always seems like a good idea at the time.

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