Sunday, September 23, 2007

your daily video clip smorgasbord

Couple of amusing video clips for you: firstly Bill Maher has a pop at religion, as well as, among other things, Phil Spector's hairdo. And you can never see that photo of Cristie Kerr kissing that phallic golf trophy too often - just to prove it, here it is again.

Secondly, far more amusing than Kathy Griffin's mildly amusing outburst at the Emmys has been the hilariously po-faced reaction from such bastions of moral rectitude as Fox News.

I'll tell you what's far more amusing then some mild political satire and some low-level baiting of god-botherers, though: swearing, and lots of it. So strap yourselves in for Postman Pat: The Sweary Geordie Version.

No particular need to view the various numbered related clips (you should see them along the bottom of the embedded bit above once you've watched it) in any particular order, I don't think, but do watch them all, as they're highly amusing.

Lastly, a cricket clip for you - Yuvraj Singh hitting Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over at the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa. By a strange coincidence Yuvraj was the bowler when Dimitri Mascarenhas hit five sixes in an over during the recent England-India one-day tournament. If you're wondering how to pronounce "Mascarenhas" then say it as "massacre anus" and have a little chuckle to yourself as you do it. Then try saying "beer can" without sounding like a Jamaican saying "bacon". Thanks to Mr. Angry for that one.

That's it! Off to watch Scotland get massacred (though hopefully not anally) by the All Blacks now.

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