Friday, March 30, 2007

attention indoor cheese racers

....think about what you're doing! Racing of cheese in a confined indoor space can have serious and messy consequences. Just look at this:

Word to the wise: do it outside.

Actually these aren't post-cheese-slice-explosion photos: no, this is yer actual art. They are part of a series (entitled, would you believe, "Cheese") of everyday household objects (of varying sizes up to and including, as pictured here, pretty much the entire household) covered in stringy cheese. Looks like mozzarella to me, but it's hard to be sure. And I've no idea how the artist got it to melt so evenly - one of those hot-air paint-removing guns, perhaps? Anyway, his name is Cosimo Cavallaro, and he's in the news at the moment for making a giant naked chocolate Jesus, to all-too-predictable gibbering howls of outrage from middle America. Quite why they're so offended is hard to work out - the image doesn't appear to mock or caricature in any way, so it must either be the nudity or the medium (i.e. the chocolate). Then again if the idea of a representation of Christ in edible form is so offensive, someone's evidently not been paying attention during the Holy Communion I guess it is the big chocolate cock that's the problem, after all. Anyway, his website has some pictures of the sculpture in question, as well as more melted cheesy pics, and a couple of slightly more worrying categories called "shit" and "death" which I haven't felt a need to investigate, but, hey, knock yourselves out. The ones depicting several pounds of ham on a bed are slightly disturbing, as well.

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