Thursday, May 14, 2015

oh, the freudianity

Hot on the heels of the John Inverdale moment, here's the BBC's Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith calling Nigel Farage a cunt live on air - it's about 18 seconds into this clip.

A little bit harsh, you might say, even for the leader of UKIP. What Norman Smith was trying to say, in relation to Farage's somewhat comical resignation and almost immediate un-resignation from the UKIP leadership in the wake of the general election, and after some reports of unrest over Farage's leadership, was "personality cult". So there's another entry for the many different ways otherwise respectable broadcasters can contrive to accidentally say the word "cunt". Here's a reminder:
I'm sure there are other people out there who will find other ways. The price of not accidentally saying "cunt" is cuntstant vigilance, as Eleanor Roosevelt may or may not have once said.

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Andy said...

"cuntstant vagilance", surely?