Friday, January 10, 2014

celebrity lookeylikey of the day

Actress and star (along with Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal) of 1987 film Throw Momma From The Train Anne Ramsey, and crime author (of The Talented Mr. Ripley, among others) Patricia Highsmith.

The cherry on the Bakewell here is that Throw Momma From The Train is a sort of meta-remake of the 1951 Alfred Hitchcock film Strangers On A Train, which in turn was based on an original novel by the very same Patricia Highsmith.

Well, most slightly batty old women look the same, you might argue, and perhaps you're right. As it happens, old photographs reveal Highsmith to have been startlingly attractive as a younger woman, if you like the dark intense types. If your SafeSearch settings are the same as mine, you may be as startled as I was to see what appears to be a topless photo about three rows down the Google image results page. This is apparently genuine (and needless to say probably NSFW), taken by photographer Rolf Tietgens in 1942 when Highsmith was 21. You don't get that with Agatha Christie.

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