Monday, June 17, 2013

when I hear the words Father's Day, I reach for my gun

My clever and beautiful daughter, in addition to being a) impossibly cute and b) a frickin' genius, was thoughtful enough to buy me a nice mug as a Father's Day present. Here it is:

I happen to know they were knocking these out for two quid in the Spar across the road, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless. And I would have been quite happy with it, had I not had a glimpse of what might have been (not wanting to be, you know, critical or anything) if Nia had been prepared to think outside the box just a little bit more. Here's what our friends at Bud's Gun Shop have to offer:

As always, click for a bigger version. As the preamble says:
Dear Dave, 

Father's Day is just around the corner and what Dad would not want a new gun!  Choosing a firearm for someone else can be difficult, however there are those basic guns that every Dad needs in their collection. 
Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

I received some water forget-me-nots and some foxgloves from moyyyy saaaan - but a pump action shotgun (for those pesky varmint squirls) would have been great too...

electrichalibut said...

Water forget-me-nots? So does that mean you've got a pond now? Or are you just going to keep them in the bath?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I managed to summon up Mumm-ra, sorry, the energy to dig the pond in myself a few months back.