Thursday, March 03, 2011

iran lion zion

Also in the Daily Mail, this amusing story about Iranian objections to the London 2012 Olympic logo, on the slightly barking grounds that it resembles the word "Zion", and is therefore some sort of sneaky racist pro-Israeli propaganda statement.

To be honest there are a couple of problems with this: one is that as long as the order isn't important any representation of the first three numbers "201" will look like "ZOI" just because, well, that's how they look. You only need to give the last "2" a kick through 90 degrees and there you have it. The more obvious second problem is that it still looks like Lisa Simpson administering a blow job to me.

Still, the threat of athletic sanctions should be taken seriously. Heaven forbid we should have to watch the blue riband athletic events deprived of the presence of those top-flight Iranian athletes, especially the ladies......oh, wait.

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