Sunday, September 19, 2010

for you tommy the fringe is over

Not so long ago Thomson Local ran a competition to find Britain's Punniest Business - the idea being that people sent in amusing (but real) shop names like The Frock Exchange, Hair Apparent, Curl Up And Dye, etc. The resulting top 10 has a few gems in it like Touching Cloth and R. Soles, plus a few more rubbish ones. They don't mention Beaver Liquors, so I assume that one is specific to the USA. Here's a list of a few alternative suggestions.

Here's another one, which just happens to be situated pretty nearly across the road from my house. In common with a lot of them, it's a hairdressing business.

Well, I assume it's a hairdressing business, just from the name, though I don't recall having ever actually seen it open for business. It would be a terrible shame if the eye-watering punniness of the name wasn't enough to keep their heads above water, financially speaking. Interestingly there are identically-named businesses in both Southampton and Plymouth, and a very similarly-named one in Swansea, though I suspect these are all independently-run businesses who just had the same terrible idea and assumed no-one else had thought of it.

Just up the road is another interesting one:

Obviously Garth Marenghi is branching out from novel-writing to catering. Probably just as well.

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