Monday, June 21, 2010


A fuller post with some details about our recent trip to Scotland to follow soon, with additions to the Munro list plus some whisky shenanigans, but meanwhile here's the obligatory photo gallery. Also, here's a quickie recipe you might like to try: buy a haggis (MacSween's are the guv'nor, haggis-wise), discard the stomach/bladder/plastic/whatever it comes in, chop it up into bits, make the bits into sausage shapes, wrap each one in a nice thick bit of back bacon, whack it in an oven for 25-30 minutes, eat. Makes a change from the usual bake/boil-in-the-bag approach. I reckon stuffed into a chicken breast/thigh would be pretty good, too. A wee dram to accompany would be nice, of course.


Jann said...

Is it obligatory to jizz all over the pan first?

electrichalibut said...

Not obligatory as such, no. It's exciting, though, isn't it, cooking? Sometimes you just get carried away. Anyway, you can't have neeps and tatties without a bit of tattie water.