Thursday, May 06, 2010

I for one welcome our new jackbooted Old Etonian overlords

It's been a giddying week: hot on the heels of Star Wars Day and Cinco De Mayo we now have the rather more sobering prospect of a general election.

I don't have the time or the energy for a lengthy screed, suffice it to say you should get out and vote regardless of who you're planning to vote for (well, within reason). Otherwise you forfeit the right to complain about anything until the next election comes around.

As it happens most of the South Wales seats are pretty safe Labour ones, with the two Newport seats forming the eastern edge of a solid block of red. Our local MP for Newport West Paul Flynn had a reasonably solid majority of around 5000 in 2005 (Jessica Morden in Newport East has one of a similar size), and also happens to be a pretty good bloke, as far as I can make out. Sensible on most issues, pretty conscientious about expenses claims (529th out of 647 MPs last year) - his two blogs are a bit of a mess but nonetheless informative and, hey, nobody's perfect.

You may also be interested to know that May 6 is the anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster, as well as being both George Clooney and Tony Blair's birthdays. It's also the feast day of St. Evodius of Antioch, though it's not clear if he ever wielded the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

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