Tuesday, March 09, 2010

hip replacement

Just a quick and tangential follow-up to my earlier whisky-based post: we were out on the golf course (and latterly in the pub) on Saturday, and naturally we each took a hip-flask with us to fortify ourselves while out on the course.

Mine had the dregs of the Ardmore in it, which is good hip-flask whisky as its peaty assertiveness makes it ideal for outdoor consumption. Andy had Bowmore Legend in his, which is not dissimilar to the Ardmore in terms of peatiness, but with a bit more of a trademark Islay minty Listerine and coal flavour to it. Nice, though, as was the bottle of 10-year-old Tullibardine that we got out of Andy's whisky cupboard for a quick snifter before walking to the pub. The Tullibardine is a typically smooth and mellow Speysider, a bit like the Tormore. I don't think you can get this specific bottling any more - the distillery has had a bit of a chequered history including several periods of closure, most recently between early 1995 and late 2003, which presumably means there are "gaps" in the cask stock. The current range can be found here.

My hip-flask is a pretty bog-standard Gelert one, but if that's a bit low-rent for you, or just doesn't hold enough liquid, why not try a Growler? Their standard flasks come in two-pint, four-pint and eight-pint (i.e. a gallon) sizes. In theory they're designed for beer rather than spirits, but there's no reason why you couldn't put a gallon of whisky in one. Just don't drink it all in one go.

If you need something a bit more discreet, how about a tippling stick? Now you can maintain your outward appearance of a Beau Brummell-esque debonair man about town while getting discreetly pissed at the same time.

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