Friday, January 29, 2010

everyone knows blogging gives you cancer

I think it was Ben Goldacre who first mooted the idea of the Daily Mail having an ongoing project to divide every object in the world into one of two categories: things that either cause or cure cancer. The splendidly named Daily Mail Oncological Ontology Project picked up the baton and tried keeping track, but caved in to the sheer size of the undertaking after only a few days. Where they led, others have followed, though. Here's the New Daily Mail Oncological Ontology Project, here's another similar list, and here's a Facebook group on a similar theme - the irony being that Facebook itself gives you cancer.

Just picking things beginning with "m", for instance, we find that, rather splendidly, melons prevent breast cancer (well, of course), and that mushrooms, mustard and masturbation all prevent cancer as well. That's my Friday night sorted then.

Incidentally, if you want a little mnemonic to remember what the word "oncology" means, then just imagine that it's an acronym and that the first three letters stand for "Oh No - Cancer!". Always works for me.

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