Friday, April 17, 2009

read this blog post, he implored persuasively

One quick addendum to the book review below: Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules Of Writing. Less is more, basically. Here's a slightly different take (by someone else) on the same thing: 10 mistakes to avoid.

Oh, one more thing: I attached links to a couple of recent book reviews pointing to John Crace's excellent "Digested Reads" column in the Guardian. I should point out that my attributing them to novelist Jim Crace was entirely incorrect and I will be chastising myself severely. Though apparently they are distantly related and others have made the same mistake, so I don't feel quite so bad now. On the subject of relations, Jim Crace's daughter used to be in Eastenders. Fascinating.

Anyway, my point is that the Digested Reads are mercilessly apt and amusing and you should have a browse through them either electronically here and here, or in book form here.

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