Friday, September 26, 2008

this week, I have been mostly dreaming about....intergalactic DC8s

It's not often that I have dreams that are vividly memorable for more than a few minutes after I wake up, if at all, but I had a couple last week. Those of you inclined to oneirology, or, better still, oneiromancy, might be able to pull something out of these:

  • Dream #1: I was at an airport, waiting to board a flight, when there was a terrific noise, the ground shook, bits of glass everywhere, things exploding, etc. It turned out that a Qantas 747 had crashed into one of the terminal buildings and disintegrated explosively, as of course it would in real life. The only clear recollection of the aftermath I have is some heroic chap climbing up onto the wreckage to try and rescue someone, only to be cut in half messily when a crane fell on him from an adjacent building.
  • Dream #2: I was deep undercover at a Scientology convention, the venue for which seemed strangely reminiscent of the prison camp in The Great Escape (low hut-like buildings, barbed wire fences). Sensing that my cover had been blown, I attempted to pass a coded note to one of my fellow infiltrators, but it was intercepted. Now my only chance was to get out of the place unscathed - I got as far as the entrance foyer before being surrounded by smiling brainwashed goons in suits and shades. Noooooooooo.........
An amateur psychologist might conclude at this point that a) I have a deep and abiding fear of flying (true) and b) I have a deep and abiding fear and hatred of Scientology (also true). There's probably also an element in #2 of everyone's general fear of being Found Out and Exposed. You know what I mean. Yes you do.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you if you really do have a fear and hatred of Scientology. They mean no one any harm, and are doing a lot of good for a lot of people.

electrichalibut said...

Scientology trolls! Now I know I've made it. Aren't you supposed to say "what are your crimes?" at this point? I've even given you an opening by alluding to some in the last paragraph. That's your actual "doing a lot of good", right there. 2 minutes or so in is where the good stuff starts.