Monday, July 21, 2008

Welshman of the day

Sue Jones-Davies, the current Mayor of Aberystwyth.

SJD, as her mates probably call her, is currently campaigning for the lifting of the ban imposed nearly 30 years ago on the showing of the Monty Python film Life Of Brian in Aberystwyth. The interesting bit is that SJD herself appeared in the film as Brian's girlfriend Judith Iscariot ("Leave that Welsh tart alone"). So what we have here is, essentially, a prominent public figure campaigning for nude footage of themselves to be brought into the public domain. Which makes for a refreshing change.

Interesting SJD fact #2: she used to be married to comic writer and actor and for-research-purposes-only-child-pornography-downloader Chris Langham. Some might wish to theorise that Langham was traumatised into his kiddy porn habits as a compensating reaction to frequent exposure to his ex-wife's unkempt Immac-free womanly magnificence (as featured full-frontally in the film). Frankly I would find such speculation distasteful and inappropriate.

And yes, I know she's a woman (I've seen the film, remember), so "Welshman" is slightly inaccurate, but I'm not relabelling all the previous posts.

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