Wednesday, April 02, 2008

an eggzellent zuggeztion

Updates on a couple of previous posts:

Firstly, exciting news on the Absolutely DVD front: the complete box set (i.e. all four series) is being released on April 28th and can be obtained for a mere £24.98 from Amazon. Hats off to Andy for his slightly scary monomaniacal obsession with the whole business. Perhaps he could now move on to sorting out the Whoops Apocalypse debacle for me?

Secondly, an addition to my more recent list of women who rock. I'm not particularly familiar with the Guillemots' music, and perhaps I should keep it that way, lest them turning out to be rubbish invalidate my including a picture of the exotically lovely Aristazabal Hawkes, who is their bass player, in support of my theory. Anyway, it's too late, I've done it now.

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