Monday, June 10, 2013

look at the firmware on that

At work we've just had a bit of a server rationalisation project, one of the side-effects of which is that our main web servers are now located in Germany. There are a few unwanted side-effects of this, notably Google wanting to serve up results in German by default, and more importantly my being unable to purchase any lottery tickets off the National Lottery website, since it now detects me as being outside the UK.

Some of the adverts in the sidebars are now German as well, and they provide an interesting comparison with UK adverts. Here's an example - I don't think you would get away in the UK these days with advertising a computer operating system bundle for sale and augmenting the advert by draping a bikini-clad tousle-haired slightly jailbait-y young lady along the back of it. But apparently in Germany this is all OK, or at least the folks at seem to think so.

She's so hot for your operating system choice she's shuffled her bikini top straps off both of her shoulders, and she's so moist for's software bargains in a more general sense that she's carrying their logo in close proximity to her Fraugarten. Buy the extended warranty package and she might let you pop your peripheral device in her USB slot.

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