Wednesday, January 02, 2013

but answer came there nun

I only caught a few minutes of Desert Island Discs on my last day at work before Christmas (Friday December 21st), but a couple of things would have made the programme - featuring hermit, art critic and consecrated virgin Sister Wendy Beckett - a bit more interesting.

The first thing would have been, on hearing of Sister Wendy's daily regime of getting up at midnight, seven hours or so of prayer, followed by breakfast, mass, lunch, a bit more contemplation of the ineffable, and so to bed at around 5:30pm, the obvious question to have asked would have been: does it bother you that you, Sister Wendy, an intelligent woman of 80-odd years, have wasted your entire life on an obviously risible fantasy when you could have been out doing useful and fun stuff? I mean, OK, I'm sure the art criticism and the TV programmes have opened many people's eyes to things they otherwise wouldn't have known about, but can you imagine how much more you might have achieved if you didn't spend upwards of ten hours a day talking to your imaginary friend, for fuck's sake? How do you respond to that? I would have been interested to hear the answer.

The other thing that would have been of interest was if she had bucked expectations a bit in her choice of music. So, Sister Wendy, tell us a bit about your first disc. Well, Kirsty, this song made a big impression on me in the early 1980s, and I think in a very real sense mirrors the story of Lot and his daughters in all its moral complexity and ambiguity. So my first choice is Too Drunk To Fuck by the Dead Kennedys. But no, we ended up with the usual Chopin and some Gregorian chanting.

Sister Wendy's full list of tunes can be found here.

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