Friday, March 23, 2012

on the tee, Brian Wtf? and Bob Meh

Each year brings a new influx of fresh-faced young hopefuls onto the PGA tour, fresh from illustrious feats either in college golf or on the Nationwide Tour. And, who knows, maybe one of them will turn out to be the new Boo Weekley or Duffy Waldorf - not in terms of playing achievements so much as by having an amusing name. Here are my new favourites, both of whom are currently competing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill:
  • Jason Kokrak - as the video in that link reveals, it seems to be pronounced "Coe-crack" rather than "Cock-rack"; still pretty funny though.
  • John Huh - a man whose name sounds as if whoever registered his birth got distracted by something halfway through. It turns out that he's of Korean ancestry, so my assumption was that it'd be pronounced "Hoo". And maybe it is, but (again, have a look at the video) the US commentators seem to have gone with the comedy pronunciation. It's a bit like Jonatton Yeah? from the excellent (and sadly under-appreciated) Charlie Brooker/Chris Morris comedy series Nathan Barley. And if you're thinking "that's the stupidest spelling of Jonathan I've ever seen", then I have further golf-related news for you.

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