Friday, April 29, 2011

the revolution will not be televised

Not being subject to the mass outbreak of flag-waving Stockholm Syndrome that seems to have gripped the rest of the nation in the run-up to the Royal Wedding, I decided the day would be better spent burning off some calories (not to mention a bit of republican frustration and revolutionary rage) up a hill somewhere.

The "somewhere" in question turned out to be some hills over between Crickhowell and Llangorse Lake. These are overlooked by the higher hills that I went up on my epic Black Mountains horseshoe walk a year or so ago, but they were new to me, so I thought I'd check them out. I parked up in Cwmdu and headed up Mynydd Llangorse, and then across to Mynydd Troed and back into Cwmdu. A round trip of, according to my GPS data, exactly ten miles (and around four hours) - route map is here, altitude profile is below (just to be clear, measurements are in metres, so the high point is a whisker under 2000 feet).

Llangorse Lake supposedly has an afanc or lake monster known locally as "Gorsey". No sign of it today, though. Indoors watching the wedding, I expect. Apparently William kissed Kate "on the upper balcony"; if I'd known that was going to happen I might have watched. Oh and apparently her ring was very tight. Now then, stop it.

As always I took some photographs (of the walk, not of Kate's ring), including the ritual OCD-esque bagging of the two available trig points; photos can be found here.

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