Tuesday, March 22, 2011

incidental music spot of the day

Falling by the lovely Kate Rusby over the closing credits of the mind-expanding "Gravity" edition (falling/gravity, you see what they did there) of Professor Brian Cox's Wonders Of The Universe. It's easy to mock Professor Cox (and this Digested Reads article does it very nicely), and it does seem as if wide-eyed boyish awestruck wonder and amazement is his default setting in reaction to pretty much everything, a black hole, a cheese sandwich, you name it, but I had pretty much the same quibbles about Iain Stewart and his series was excellent too.

Glad they resisted the temptation to shoehorn in a couple of D:Ream numbers, though.


The Black Rabbit said...

I'm afraid I (like many) find Prof Cox more than a little syrupy. I understand that these programmes are good (or so I'm told by many people) but I can't bring myself to watch. It's like having a cup of tea with a trowel of sugar thrown in.

electrichalibut said...

Well, yeah, I agree, he is a bit of a tit. But the subject matter is too fascinating for that to matter all that much. Black holes! That is some crazy fucked up shit right there.

The Black Rabbit said...

Can't do it. Soz.
He reminds me of that squeeky little get out of Take That.

Phill said...

Soz to disagree but I like and share his enthusiasm. He also explains in a roundabout way the science of the universe so I can understand it. I like him