Sunday, February 06, 2011

swear wars 3: return of the jeremy

Evidently there's a bit of rivalry going on between the various current affairs shows broadcast by the BBC, as illustrated by Jeremy Paxman's dropping of the c-bomb on Newsnight last week. In Paxman's case this wasn't a spoonerism involving Jeremy Hunt (as the previous Jim Naughtie and Andrew Marr ones were) but a rogue "n" sneaking into the word "cuts".

Paxman has some previous in this department, having previously been obliged to apologise for saying "fucking" while reading an extract from Andrew Rawnsley's book about Gordon Brown, also on Newsnight. Clearly he felt obliged to regain his crown as on-air Swearmeister General after the Jeremy Hunt episode. I suggest Jim Naughtie now gets David Cameron onto Today and calls him a motherfucker. Top that, Paxman!

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