Monday, January 31, 2011


I took advantage of some free time yesterday to decant this year's fruity gin - I had some sloes and some damsons so I decided, rather than arse about making two separate batches, to combine them together. So I ended up with eight bottles of sloe and damson gin - enough for a fun night in by anyone's standards.

I also took the opportunity of having a bit of an audit of the drinks cupboard, or at least the homemade fruity booze section of it anyway. It turns out I have quite a lot of the stuff knocking around, as you can see:

That's (left to right) a bottle of sloe gin from February 2007, the remnants of the blackberry vodka from September 2008, two bottles of apple brandy from November 2009 and quite a bit of last year's damson gin. Having done the filtering, decanting, bottling and labelling I couldn't be arsed separating the damsons from the sloes in order to do anything else with them, let alone subsequently stoning them all, so I just chucked the lot. So no crumble or clafoutis this year, I'm afraid. On the other hand, eight bottles of gin! So it's not all bad news. Cheers!

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