Sunday, October 24, 2010

nernernernernernernerner QUAILMAAAAN!!!

Here's my stab at one of those internet memes for you: type your name and the word "is" (with spaces before and after the "is") into that Google and see what suggestions it prompts you with. Here's mine:

To which I would respond, respectively:
  1. yeah, perhaps
  2. why certainly
  3. hell yeah
  4. why not?
  5. you better believe it
  6. meh
  7. you betcha
  8. certainly not
  9. huh?
  10. that depends where you're calling from
I've experimented by plugging in the names of some people I know with (no disrespect to them) fairly common names. The results range from the mundane to the surreal, as you can see:


The Black Rabbit said...
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The Black Rabbit said...

Quailman here.
Thanks for blowing my cover.
Or should I say... my covey.

(You'll like that Dave - another collective noun).

My fave is "Andy is a retard" though.

electrichalibut said...

I think your three are perfect in their weirdness. In what way are you like a fax machine? Other than the strange high-pitched screeching noises you make, of course.

electrichalibut said...

It's some sort of cartoon, incidentally.